Decalogue Nailympics

  1. The biggest international Nail Competition.
  2. The best meeting point for beginners and professionals with experience to show off their abilities next to the best competitors of the world.
  3. This competition is impartial, and preserves the contestant’s work, leaving aside the commercial brands.
  4. The International Judge Association, INJA, gives the endorsement of their results.
  5. INJA judges follow an honor code, reflected by a contract, where they swear to have a correct and fair development of the competition.
  6. The judges evaluate with defined rules, being aside of the interest of commercial brands.
  7. INJA is an authority, qualify professionals who have the responsibility of protect the integrity of every competition and take care of every competitor to be judge correctly.
  8. The championship follows the same rules and valuations in the whole world.
  9. Being an international nail competition, every professional, wherever they come from, can participate in this championship.
  10. Every single participant will be judged according to their level, framed in the 3 divisions of the competition to which has been added the students division and the first timers division.