Previous Editions

The Nailympics origin was in 2001, and the organization was created by Lee Tomlison, Diane D’agnolo & Johnson Jamse and David Daniel & Danny Haile. From the first moment American International Industries acquires a part of the organization and Johnson James forsake the sector. In 2004 the biggest commercial fair of beauty industry bought it, International Beauty shows. Dianne D’Agnolo still there till the competition showed off in her base in London. From 2007, Lysa comfort, the main judge designed by Dianne, manages de nail Olympics.

Lysa begin her professional voyage at the 80ns. Lysa got involved to upgrade the development of electric filed tools. Lathes and milling. She was an educator of prestigious brands and the directress of some of them. And, she made her own company, around 30 countries.

Olympics year’s memories:

–        2001:   Las Vegas, Nevada: THE INTERNATIONAL HAIR & NAIL, making it with Spa International Beauty expo.

–         2004:   London, organized by British interview “Scratch”. At the beginning was so small. But 9 years later one of the biggest and popular beauty fair of Europe.

–        2012:   Nailympics, was developed in London, Seul.

–        2013: 10 countries are getting ready to be the hosts of Nailympics, between them, Spain. And Rome made it last February and in Ukraine will be given in September.

Nailympics, represent the best meeting point, in an artistic way, for every nail professional.

Statistics say that every country host, at the second time of organization of Nailympics, it has grown up more than 300% comparing with the first time done. This information shows the true power of the nail Olympics.