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Welcome to Nailympion Competition Spain 2017

The most prestigious nail world championship, THE NAILYMPION COMPETITION, globally managed by Lysa Comfort, comes back to Spain. The SALON LOOK contest, which will be in Madrid on the 3rd to 5th of November, has been the place chosen by NAILYMPION to perform the Nail Competition that will take place in Spain during the days 3rd, 4th and 5th of November.

What is NAILYMPION? It’s a championship that follows strict global rules of impartiality to preserve the creative work of each contestant, alien to each particular brand. Furthermore, it counts with the presence of really impartial judges, INJA (INTERNATONAL NAIL JUDGE ASSOCIATION), qualified professionals that evaluate with fairness.

NAILYMPION represents the best meeting point, an artistic environment where beginners and professionals with experience can show their abilities and compete with participants the whole world. It is an ideal location where technicians of every level can compete and be evaluated with justice and fairness. Moreover, you will be able to compete next to international talented people, interact with them and learn the best things of this worldwide profession. You will test what you are able to do because the first opponent you’ll challenge will be yourself. A unique experience celebrated in USA, ITALY, SOUTH KOREA, SWITZERLAND, UKRAINE & SPAIN.